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I have difficulties pairing my Innr Outdoor Lights with the bridge. What can I do?

When Innr lights are paired to a Zigbee system, they become part of the Zigbee mesh network, connected directly to the bridge or to another light in that network. This means that they don’t have to be close to the bridge; another Zigbee light or plug can function as a Zigbee ‘signal repeater’. In order to expand the range of your Zigbee system, place the Zigbee products inside your house within a distance of no more than 10 meters.  Outside, the Zigbee signal will encounter less obstacles, so the range will go much further, up to 30 meters.
Below you will find our tips & tricks for connecting your Outdoor products:

  • The smart part of the Outdoor lights is the control box. This control box should be in the best possible range of the bridge or a Zigbee light or plug inside the house. Make sure it is not behind any obstacles, especially not metal objects
  • Connect the control box outside, preferably where you will place it. Make sure that the nearest indoor smart light(s) or plug(s) are switched on, so that they can serve as a ‘repeater’ for the Zigbee signal
  • Make sure the control box is at least 15cm from the ground. If the control box is on the ground, the signal reception becomes a lot weaker.
  • Insulating windows, especially HR ++ glass, can drastically reduce the range. Therefore, make sure that the signal does not have to pass through such glass, but rather through stone or wooden walls. The signal can pass through walls more easily.

Check out this file for a visual explanation.

I already own (wall)dimmers. Can I use them?

No. In fact, you should not install any Innr light with a dimmer as the lamps can’t deal with the electronic control coming from the dimmer, even if you would put it at full on. Chances are that the Innr light starts flickering, and even if that is not the case, there’s high probability that the wireless control of the Innr system is seriously disturbed by the use of dimmers.

The bridge in the Innr system itself is actually ‘one dimmer for your whole house’ with which – in combination with the Innr App – you can  control the light intensity of each lights individually or all lights in a room together by means of so called ‘scenes’.

Can I use Innr lighting outside?

As a rule, Innr lights aren’t meant to be used outside. But rules have exceptions, and in this case it’s rain and moisture resistant fittings. The bulbs, candles and GU10’s should be just fine in those, just like regular LED lights. However, the lights might be more difficult to control because of the larger distance between the lamps and the Bridge. Plus, garden light fixtures are often made out of metal, which may distort the signal and make it harder to control the lights.
We know you want to use Innr to brighten up every corner of your home—including your garden. So we’ve released a new line of Innr Outdoor lights to light up even the non-rainproof parts of your living space!
Go to the Outdoor Lighting page

Do I need to be in the room to control Innr?

No! A big advantage to controlling Innr using your smartphone or tablet over WiFi is that you can use it wherever you want! As long as both your device and your home are connected to the internet, and your Bridge is also being supplied with internet and power, you could light up the room from across the world. With the remote, your range depends on the nearest lamp or Bridge—its parent. As long as its parent is within about eight meters (depending on walls and ceilings), it’ll work! If you want to add new lights using the app, you’ll need to be connected to your home WiFi network.

How many lights can I pair with one Innr Bridge?

You can pair and operate up to 100 lights with the Innr Bridge. An average house would have in between of 30 to 60 lights installed. So with one bridge, you can smarten up your entire home!

What is the difference between the 1-series and 2-series, for example RB 165 and the RB 265?
  1. The memory function: The lights of the 2-series remember their last brightness or colour setting after being turned off and back on.
  2. Easy pairing: Simultaneous pairing of multiple devices is possible with the 2-series.
  3. Response time: The lights of the 2-series have a faster system response with higher reliability.
  4. Safety: The lights of the 2-series have enhanced security with unique per-device encryption.

In addition, the 2 series uses Zigbee 3.0. The 1 series uses Zigbee Light Link.

Getting Started
Which operating system are compatible with the Innr app?

The Innr app is compatible with smartphones or tablets with the following operating systems: – iOS 9 and higher – Android 4.1 and higher. The Innr app is not compatible with Windows phones or tablets.

Can I keep using my own lamps?

Yes, you can keep using your own fixtures! We’ll make sure you’ll see them in a whole new light. Innr uses lighting products with a special built-in RF chip so they can communicate with the Innr Bridge. To get the most out of the ‘Smart Lighting’ system, replace your old bulbs with Innr light bulbs, candles and spots. Additionally, The Innr Smart Plug allows you to keep using your current bulbs that don’t have a E14, E27, B22, A19, BR30 or GU10 fitting. However, the Smart Plug won’t be able to dim them, just turn them on and off. Besides that, almost all mains-connected devices can be operated wireless by connecting them with a Smart Plug to your smart system!

Do all of the supplied light sources need to be plugged into the 220-240V mains?

No, it’s only the Recessed Spot Light (RSL 110) and the Flex Strip with LED Driver (FL 130 C /LD and FL 140 C /LD) that don’t have a plug included. The included LED Driver needs to be connected directly to the 220V mains. The Spots (ST 110), regular Flex strip (FL 130 C), Puck (PL 115), Outdoor Spot Lights (OSL 130 C) and Outdoor Flex Light (OFL 120 C and OFL 140 C) all work with 24 DC. The adapter for this is included with all of these products, so you can just plug it into any regular socket.
The Bulbs, Candles, and the GU10 Spots work with 220-230V. Meaning, they can go right into an existing fitting and you won’t need an adapter for them. The Innr system does not use any battery or accumulator powered lighting sources.

Do I need an account to install and use Innr?

Yes, in order to operate the Innr lighting system you need to create an account. After you’ve opened the app for the first time, you have to enter a username. This needs to be a working email address. You’ll have to think of your own password. Take the following password requirements into account: 8 to 128 characters with at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter and 1 number. We’ll then send you an email to confirm your account. Once you’ve done that, you can continue the installation. The app will guide you through this step-by-step.

Setting up your Innr system
I have multiple WiFi networks, which one should I choose?

After the initial installation, it doesn’t really matter which WiFi network you use because the Innr lighting system can also be controlled through the Internet, no matter where you are. However, operating it through the same home network as the Bridge is connected to will work the fastest. That’s why when you’re home, it’s best to select the WiFi network of the router to which you have connected the Bridge’s cable.

I downloaded and started the Innr app, but it’s unable to find the Bridge.

During the initial installation process the app will look for a Bridge that’s connected to the same home network. In other words, the Bridge should be connected to the same router that your phone or tablet is connected to using WiFi. When this isn’t the case, the installation will fail.
This was done because of security considerations. Without this safeguard, if someone else is installing their Bridge at the same time you are, you might accidentally hijack it! After the initial installation, being connected to the same home network is no longer necessary. You’ll be able to operate Innr and lighten up your home no matter where you are.

Please note that using a VPN service during the initial installation could complicate the install process, so please disable it until the installation is finished.
There are a couple of routers that might cause problems, including the Davolink DV- 2020 supplied by Tele2, and the KPN Experia Box. If you see three green lights on the Bridge while you’re connected to the same router as your Bridge, and your Bridge still can’t be found, your router may have its ports closed, or it might not be feeling particularly cooperative. When this is the case, the rightmost light on the Bridge may be a constant red. This means it’s not receiving any internet from the router. Contact us using so we can help.
If there are multiple WiFi networks in your home (i.e. a personal and a visitor network, of a 2.4 GHz and a 5.0 GHz network), your Bridge might not be found either. To fix this, turn off all but one of the networks during the initial installation. After the installation you can turn them back on again.

How do I put my lights in linking mode?

Turn the lights off and on again, or in the case of the Smart Plug (SP 120), hold the off/on button for 5 seconds. As long as the light isn’t connected to a Bridge, it’ll flash for a bit upon being turned on. In that time it’ll search for a Bridge that’s also in linking mode.

How do I pair or reset the smart plug (SP 120 or SP 220)?

First start looking for new devices in the app, than plug the smart plug (SP 120 or SP 220) in the power socket. Most times it is found immediately. If not, you can reset the Smart Plug by holding down the power button for 5 seconds. This switches the Smart Plug off and on again. When the Smart Plug is switched on, then the button light of the SP 120 is blue, and the button light of the SP 220 is green. Now the bridge can find the Smart Plug and it appears as SP 120/SP 220 in your app.

SP 120 Smart Plug reset or install

Control your Innr smart lighting
Can I link one lamp to multiple scenes?

Yes, you can! Just select the specific light in the app when creating a scene.

I’m trying to create a new room, but I can’t proceed. What now?

Enter your room’s name and pick a room type. You need to do both before you can proceed. Once you’ve done this, a pink check mark will appear in the top right corner. Press it to complete creating your room!

How do I create a new scene and assign lights to it?

A scene can only be created for a specific room. If you’d like to create specific scenes for specific lights, you’ll first need to put the lights in a room together. Then you can go to the ‘Rooms’ screen, press the grey arrow to the right of the room’s name, choose ‘Add scene’, and follow the next steps:

  1. Choose a title for your scene.
  2. Pick the scene type.
  3. Choose what setting your lights will glow at by moving your finger over the white bar of each of the room’s lights.
  4. Press the red check mark in the top right.

This will save your new scene. You’ll now be able to activate it when you’re in the corresponding room. So on the ‘Rooms’ screen, press the grey arrow next to the room’s name to see the scene’s title. You can always enable and disable a scene by pressing it. Please note that every room always has a scene that’s enabled. You can switch between them by pressing the various scene icons you created. The icon of the scene that’s currently enabled will be pink.

The lights are no longer responding to the app – what now?
  1. Check your internet connection.
  2. Turn your Bridge off and on again by unplugging it. Check if all the LEDs turn green.
  3. Check if you’re on the same WiFi network as the one your Bridge is connected to.
  4. Close the app completely and restart it.
  5. Check if a grey cloud in the top left corner disappeared.

If these steps aren’t successful in solving the problem: check if the lights are being supplied with power, by turning your lights off and on again. Never use the System Reset option in the app unless you want to reinstall your entire system. The System Reset function will delete all of the your Innr system’s information.

Why do the lights sometimes not respond very well to the remote?

The Innr remote RC 110 works with a so-called ‘parent’ within the network. Usually, this will be the closest lamp, or the Bridge. The remote sends the signal to the parent, which sends along the signal to all the other lamps and the Bridge in the network. As long as the remote is close to its parent, it should work virtually immediately. However, when the remote moving away from its parent, it might detect a closer lamp than the one it’s currently connected to. If so, it will chose the closer light as its new parent. This ‘switch’ takes 3-4 seconds. This essentially means it will appear as if the remote isn’t working, or rather, the lights won’t respond when one of the buttons is pressed. Simply give the remote a few seconds to connect to the new parent and the lights will respond as expected.
By placing the remote in a permanent spot you typically won’t experience this phenomenon.

Can I use all mobile devices and is there a limit to the amount?

The Innr app is compatible with smartphones or tablets with the following operating systems: – iOS 9 and higher – Android 4.1 and higher
The Innr app is not compatible with Windows phones or tablets. Of course it’s also possible to use the Innr remote to operate the lighting. The amount of devices you connect is unlimited, but they do need access to WiFi and the app needs to be installed.

How do I connect another smartphone or tablet to the Bridge?

After you’ve used one smartphone to create your account, you can use use those login details to connect more phones or tablets to your Bridge. The Innr app is compatible with smartphones or tablets with an operating system of either iOS 8 or above, or Android 4.1 or above. The Innr app is not compatible with Windows phones or tablets. The amount of devices you can use with it is unlimited.
To connect a new phone or tablet, first download the Innr app on the App Store (Apple) or Play Store (Android). Start the app, click through the first three install steps until you reach the login screen. Fill out your username (the email address you used to create the account), the password, and press ‘Login’. You don’t need to press the button on the Bridge again.

How can I manually reset a light?

Turn the lamp on for a minimum of 5 seconds and then switch it off and on 6 times with intervals of around 0,5 seconds. Turning off and on can be done with the (wall) switch or by manually turning the lamp off and on in the luminaire socket.

After the 6th time on the lamp will shortly flicker twice to indicate that it is back in ‘factory new’ state and can be coupled again. Check this video how it works.

How do I reset the system?

Resetting your system includes your Bridge as well as your lights. First make sure all your lights are connected and getting power. If you reset your system while some lamps aren’t, then those lights won’t be reset and you’ll have to reset them manually afterwards.
When all the lights are switched on, navigate to Settings in the App by pressing the pink gear, press ‘Manage System’, and then ‘Reset System’. This option will reset your entire system: all settings will be deleted, the Bridge will restart, your lights will be reset and disconnected from your Bridge, and your Bridge will be disconnected from your Innr account. Your Innr account will still exist, and you’ll still be logged in to the App.

Never use the System Reset option in the app unless you want to reinstall your entire system. The System Reset function will delete all of the your Innr system’s information.

In case of power failure, will I loose all my Innr settings?

No. The scenes and other settings of your lights are stored safely. When the power is on again, the system will pick up all scenes and settings.

What happens when I turn off the Bridge, or if it shuts down?

Unfortunately the Innr system won’t work. The Bridge is the central control room of the system, and it really won’t work without it.

Innr & Philips Hue
Can I add the Philips Hue Dimmer Switch to my Innr system too?

Yes, you can. Reset the Dimmer Switch by pressing a paperclip to ‘Reset’ on the back. If the reset succeeded, the LED light on the front will flash green. Open the Innr app, go to a room, press ‘Add new device’, then press ‘Search’ and wait. The Dimmer Switch will be shown in the app as RWL021-1. Press ‘Ready’ and go back to the room.
The Dimmer Switch is now part of your Innr system. You’ll need to do one more thing to be able to control your lights with it. It’s a lot like Touch Linking, the thing you do when you only want to use a remote to control smart lamps. You can only do this with lamps already linked to your Innr Bridge. When your lamps have been linked to the Innr Bridge, and you’ve added the Dimmer Switch through the method detailed above, you’ll need to physically hold the Dimmer Switch against the Innr lamps while pressing the topmost button on the Dimmer Switch. The lamp will breathe, the LED on the Dimmer Switch will flash green, and you will be able to control the lamps using the Dimmer Switch. And of course you will still be able to control them using the Innr app as well.

Can I use the Innr app with the Hue bridge?

No, just like the Hue app only works with the Hue bridge, the Innr app only works with the Innr bridge.
While our vision for the future is that everything in the smart home automatically works together, and smart home apps can work with any system, this takes a lot of time to realise. With many manufacturers creating innovations and using different technologies, standardization is needed on multiple levels to ensure interoperability. Innr is committed to technology standards such as Zigbee to contribute to the fastest way to our vision for the smart home. At the same time, we invest significantly in compatibility testing with major ecosystems such as Alexa, Google Home, Hue, and SmartThings.

Why are my (colour) lamps not automatically recognized by my Alexa app or Google Home app when they are connected to my Hue bridge?

The Hue bridge does not always automatically communicate the colour settings of the Innr lamps. The solution for this is to withdraw the link with the Hue bridge from the Alexa app / Google Home app and then again give permission for the data to be read out. After that, the Alexa app / Google Home app will re-scan all lamps that are linked to the Hue bridge and the new Innr lamp will also be visible there. Now you can operate the Innr lamp as it should.

Can I upgrade Innr devices with the Hue app?

Unfortunately not. Our Zigbee devices support Zigbee OTA, which means “Over The Air” upgrade, so they do support being upgraded over the air using Zigbee. However, in order to apply a software upgrade to a Zigbee device, the bridge (also called hub) of the Zigbee network must first download the file from a server on the Internet, and then send it with Zigbee to the Zigbee device.
At present we do not have any software upgrade available for any of our devices. They all work without problems with all major hubs, and as such, they don’t need an upgrade. However, we would like to be able to provide upgrades to all our customers, so that IF there is a problem with one of our devices, we can solve it with a software upgrade.
So we have discussed with Signify, owner of the Hue brand, whether it is possible for us to distribute software upgrades for our devices via their system. The fact is that many of our customers are owners of a Hue system, so it makes sense to do this. Unfortunately, Signify is currently not willing to allow us to do this.
We are therefore looking for other ways to be able to provide all our customers with software upgrades, in a manner that is easy to use and works in all systems. That’s not easy, but we’re pretty smart here at Innr so we think we’ll be able to pull it off. Stay tuned…

Why can’t I use the Philips Hue* app to dim or control my Innr lamp when it should be within working range?

First, we’d like to explain the Philips Hue ‘Identify’ function: when you’re using the Hue app and you’re on the Settings and Light management screen, you can press a light from the overview and that light will flash. This is very useful when you want to find out which lamp on the list in the app corresponds to which lamp in your home.
A problem that occurs on some Innr lamps is that this flashing may confuse it. This is because after the flash, the lamp will be on a low dim setting causing it to be unable to be controlled through the Hue App. The solution: unplug the Innr lamp, plug it back in, and it should once again work as intended. Though thankfully, this shouldn’t happen very often because the Identify function will essentially only be used while installing.

  • FL 110 Flex
  • PL 110 Puck
  • ST 110 Strip
  • UC 110 Cabinet
  • SL 110 Spot

*Doesn’t work with Apple Home Kit en the Hue Entertainment functionality (Sync).

Innr & SmartThings
My Innr lamps automatically switch to a standby mode (dimmed light) as soon as I connect them to my SmartThings hub, what now?

There are two ways to connect the Innr lamps to SmartThings. The first way is also as follows:

  • Go to a room.
  • Press the + sign to add device.
  • Scroll to “Lighting”.
  • Select “Innr” brand logo.
  • Follow the steps.

If your lights automatically jump to a standby mode using this method, you could try the second pairing method:

  • Select the + sign at the top of the Home screen to add something.
  • Select “device”
  • Then at the top of the screen, press the “Scan nearby” option.
  • The bulb gets recognised, connects and added.

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