Retrofit Bulbs

Smart bulbs that fit any fixture

To make it as easy as possible to start with smart lighting, we’ve created a range of retrofit light bulbs that fit any fixture or fitting you already own. Simply unscrew your old bulb and screw in your new Innr smart bulb and voila, you’re ready for full wireless control of your lighting! We’ve made sure to match as many types of fittings as possible.

Edison would be proud!

Your old fixtures with new Smart Bulbs, affordable and easy to pair with your Smart Lighting System.

Wireless control

Use your phone, voice, or a remote.

Easy to install

Replace your incandescent bulbs in an instant.

Compatible with Hue*

Use your Hue bridge to (voice) control your Innr bulbs.


Automatically confuse burglars (and neighbours).

Retrofit Bulbs

Works with all major players

Works with Alexa logo

Amazon Alexa

With a suitable bridge, Innr lights also work with Amazon Alexa

Works with Philips Hue icon

Philips Hue*

*Does not work with Apple Homekit and Hue Entertainment functionality (Sync)

Works with SmartThings logo

Samsung SmartThings

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