Welcome to the Innr brandpage. In our brand center you’ll find logo’s, colours, downloads, brand values and more. Innr creates and sells smart lighting that provides solutions for everyday situations. To make everyone’s life more comfortable. Smart lights for all.

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Our logo reflects our personality. Our products are simple to use, affordable and beautiful.

Do not:

  • Change the colours
  • Cut the logo
  • Twist the logo
  • Use the coloured version on a image background

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Innr smart lighting logo 2020 RGB
Innr smart lighting logo 2020 zwart
Innr smart lighting logo 2020 wit op zwart
Innr smart lighting logo 2020 wit op RGB
Clear space

The logo needs a minimum of x.25 of whitepace around it.

white space logo innr smart lighting
white space logo innr

We use the font Neurial Grotesk for all our communication. When there’s no webfont available we use the font Arial.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

Neurial Grotesk Regular


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

Neurial Grotesk Medium

Colour use

Use these colours for main communication.



Dark Blue




Ocean (Innr for WiFi)

Secondary colours

These colours are used for the categories.

















Tone of voice

We are smart but not witty, we are confident and friendly.

We believe anyone should be able to set up their own affordable smart lighting system.

By creating incredibly easy to install products and providing the best support service we make sure it only takes one person to screw in a lightbulb. Wake up to a warm soft glow, work under an energising
blue light and have fun with friends to a variety of different colours that change with the tap of a button. You’re in control.

There’s millions of colours out there, and now you can be in control of all of them. Using your smartphone, tablet or Innr remote you can set up a perfect scene for every occasion.

‘‘We believe anyone can be smart’’

Our values
Innr makes a difference

We want to make the comfort of Smart lighting available to everyone. The positive effects of this are noticeable both for the individual and for the planet.

Innr is complete

What the customer experiences while unpacking a lamp is enormously important, but everything around it also counts in the experience: What we say, how we say it, which channels we use, how we present ourselves, online and offline … All details count for the customer, and therefore also for Innr.

Innr is in touch

Through research and good contact, Innr finds out what is most valuable to its customers, and acts accordingly. Innr has a feeling for its customers, and the customers feel that.

Innr is Smart

Innr originated in the Smart era. We are the absolute specialist in this area, without all the fuss and overhead that other companies have. And the customer notices that: Smart lighting for a Smart price.


Innr stands for customer satisfaction

We ensure that all our products are developed with the highest quality standards, and that they are easy to use. By everyone. Our service department helps: “We bend over backwards for our customers”.

Innr dares

We are not the biggest, but we are the smartest. We are a specialist and modern version of the major brands that everyone already knows. That’s why we sometimes do things a little differently. And that stands out.

Key visuals

We use atmospheric light in our renders to enlight the room.

Download images

Outdoor lights garden buitenverlichting
Save energy bespaar energie
switch between work and chill schakel tussen werk en relaxen
Cosy inside cold outside cozy gezellig binnen
Home safe and sound veilig gevoel van huis

Portrait photography: We use colour light in our photography to illuminate a person.

Interior photography: We use ambiance light in our photography to create a perfect mood.

Product application photography: We use a pink background or detail in our photography.

Do not:

  • Do not use stock imagery that does not fit the brand personality
  • Do not use black and white images
  • Do not use tech images that look complicated


Download images

beautiful girl in the light of neon colored lamps light blue pur
African American Man Portrait Under Blue And Purple Lights – Ult
Comfort of smart lighted kitchen
smart lighting with friends in kitchen and living room
Smart Puck opbouw
SP 120 Smart Plug EU type F application

Download product images, product descriptions and more.

Innr is highly adaptable. You can pair the Innr bulbs, candles, spots, smart plugs and luminaires to most major Smart Home brands, such as Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings or Echo 4th gen, Studio or Show 10. A complete overview of Innr’s compatibility, you’ll find here:

See EU Compatibility Matrix for Zigbee products

See EU Compatibility Matrix for WiFi lights

See USA Compatibility Matrix for Zigbee products

See USA Compatibility Matrix for WiFi lights


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