Works with all major players

Amazon Alexa compatibility

Amazon Alexa

  • With Echo Plus and Echo Show (2nd gen) no need for a separate bridge
  • Control Innr lights with all other Alexa devices when connected to a bridge of Hue or SmartThings
Philips Hue Compatibility

Philips Hue*

  • Compatible with Voice control using Alexa and Google Assistant
  • *Does not work with Apple Homekit and Hue Entertainment functionality (Sync)
Samsung SmartThings compatibility

Samsung SmartThings

  • Compatible with Voice control using Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Combine Innr lights with devices from different brands

“Alexa, set the lights to morning”

With the Amazon Echo Plus and Show (2nd gen), you don’t need a separate bridge to control your Innr lights.

  • Operate with Voice commands and Alexa app
  • Combine with devices from other brands
  • No separate bridge required

Other devices

All other Alexa devices, such as the Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Spot, and Echo Show 1st Gen, requires the Philips Hue or Samsung SmartThings bridge.

How does it work?

Because our lighting solutions are Zigbee certified, it’s easy for us to communicate with different brands. We all speak the same language.

Set up your system

“The smart filament lightbulb is really where beauty and brains meet. We’re so proud to be the first one in the world to realize this piece of engineering beauty.”
CEO Jeroen Dalderop

Jeroen Dalerop

CEO - Innr

Hand in hand with Hue*

Innr Lighting has always succeeded in attracting attention with smart products of premium quality. As we're growing, we'll continue to deliver premium smart lighting for smart prices!
CFO Rob Timmer

Rob Timmer

CFO - Innr

Smart Control with Samsung SmartThings

Do you have a Samsung SmartThings bridge and you want to combine Innr products with your SmartThings set-up? Sure!

  • Control everything using one app or remote
  • Works with voice commands using Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Combine with devices from other brands

How does it work?

Because our lighting solutions are Zigbee certified, it’s easy for us to communicate with different brands. We all speak the same language.

Set up your system

Quick answers
I already own dimmers. Can I use those?

No. In fact, you should not install any Innr product with a dimmer as the lights can’t deal with the electronic control coming from the dimmer, even if you would put it at full on. Chances are that the Innr light starts flickering, and even if that is not the case, there’s high probability that the wireless control of the Innr system is seriously disturbed by the use of dimmers.

The bridge in the Innr system itself is actually ‘one dimmer for your whole house’ with which – in combination with the Innr App – you can  control the light intensity of each lamp individually or all lamps in a room together by means of so called ‘scenes’.

Can I keep using my own lamps?

Yes, you can keep using your own armatures! We’ll make sure you’ll see them in a whole new light. Innr uses lighting products with a special built-in RF chip so they can communicate with the Innr Bridge. To get the most out of the ‘Smart Lighting’ system, replace E27 and GU10 bulbs inside your fittings with Innr E27 Bulbs and GU10 Spots. Additionally, The Innr Smart Plug allows you you keep using your current bulbs that don’t have a E14, E27, B22, or GU10 fitting, but still want to integrate into the Innr system. However, the Smart Plug won’t be able to dim them, just turn them on and off.

Can I use Innr lighting outside?

As a rule, Innr lights aren’t meant to be used outside. But rules have exceptions, and in this case it’s rain and moisture resistant fittings. The bulbs, candles and GU10’s should be just fine in those, just like regular LED lights. However, the lights might be more difficult to control because of the larger distance between the lamps and the Bridge. Plus, garden light fixtures are often made out of metal, which may distort the signal and make it harder to control the lights.
We know you want to use Innr to brighten up every corner of your home—including your garden. So we’re working very hard to release a new line of Innr products in the near future to light up even the non-rainproof parts of your living space!

How do I put my lamps in linking mode?

Turn the lamps off and on again, or in the case of the Smart Plug (SP 120), hold the off/on button for 5 seconds. As long as the lamp isn’t connected to a Bridge, it’ll flash for a bit upon being turned on. In that time it’ll search for a Bridge that’s also in linking mode.

Why are the lights flashing?

Your lights still need to be linked to your Bridge. This is needed to make sure you are the only one in control of your lights, and not your neighbour (and vice versa!). As long as a lamp isn’t linked to a Bridge, it will flash for a few seconds when turned on. To connect one or multiple lamps with your Bridge, use the app to have the Bridge search for lamps, and turn them on one by one. Every lamp flashes for a bit when turned on because it hasn’t connected yet, but it’s found by the Bridge within 4 seconds and will flash one more time to signal it’s connected.

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