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Amazon Alexa compatibility

Amazon Alexa

Avec un pont compatible, l’éclairage Innr fonctionne également avec Alexa d’Amazon

Philips Hue Compatibility

Philips Hue*

* Non compatible avec Apple HomeKit ni la fonctionnalité Hue Entertainment (Sync)

Samsung SmartThings compatibility

Samsung SmartThings

What people say

Fast delivery, product works perfectly and the price is super

Bernard de Boer
Trustpilot logo

Top, don't hesitate, just do it. Great light - Price quality - Great service - Works on the HUE - Can be used on both sides, so it is divisible - Adhesive strip is less, but apparently that has been remedied. Long doubted, but still tried and absolutely no regrets. Works great with Philips HUE and the light is nice and strong enough.


Equal to Hue. Finally jumped from hue after years. In a house full of hue lights this sexy little bub is equal to them all. No difference at all. Just as functional with the hue bridge. Will certainly buy more.

Robert Halliwell

Great bulb. Philips does not have this in its range, they look better in an open fixture. Innr App does not have to be installed, Google Home app saw the lights immediately.


Cheap switch for smart home • Cheaper than most other • Energy meter • Easy to integrate with a zigbee stick. Can only handle 10A (which is enough for most devices) so had to buy another smart plug for washing machine. The plug has a compact housing which is quite handy.


Very good: high quality - strong - durable. Only positive: high quality, strong and durable.


Stylish lamp for a great price. This lamp looks great in the fixture! Easy to connect to a Philips Hue Bridge. No problems using this. Starts at sunset and goes out later in the evening.

Raymond S.

Purchased this lighting for in a display cabinet and because it could be connected to the Hue bridge (which I already had). Lights are easy and quick to install and give nice warm light. Connected to my Hue bridge in a click and since then easy to turn off and dim via your Hue App. Exactly what I wanted for a great price.

Peter 1990

Just works! • Beautiful colors and clear • Easily added to the zigbee network • Now I want to replace all my IKEA RGB lamps. I wanted an RGB White Spectrum lamp that simply works with ZIgbee2MQTT, which is not too expensive. This just works and I am very satisfied. Nice colors and easily added to the network.


Beautiful bulbs, perfect service. I have several colour lamps from INNR which I control with the HUE bridge. I was experiencing problems with the control of the lamps causing them to show different colours. I think the lamps themselves are really great. Beautiful colours and lots of light). I raised this issue with customer service (Ajay) and was really helped. Together we investigated the possible causes and finally the solution was found in renaming the standard scenes. Now it works as I expected. What I like best is that they don't point directly to the cooperation with HUE. They really look at what role they can play with their product and understand the combination. That feels noncommittal and honest. I was helped quickly and was even asked later whether it was still working well. I am a fan of INNR.

Jeroen van der Graaf
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Remote control and smart plug both work great, good user manual. The plug works great with both the hue bridge and the remote control!

Peter K.

INNR give amazing value. The filament looks wonderful in effect, with lovely warm colour. We've found INNR bulbs give amazing value in comparison to Hue. They're very easy to install, just turn on and the hue hub finds them within seconds, smart speakers seconds after that. Excellent response to commands through Alexa or Google Home Mini. Highly recommended.


Beautiful design - high quality - sufficient light - easy to apply. Great alternative to Hue, no ambiance, but that also saves a lot in price. Thanks to the connection with the Hue app, it is super easy to use as wake-up lights, for example.


TOP deal: Ordered this lamp Tuesday and delivered on Wednesday ... I have 3 Philips hue lamps and wanted to try these as the price difference is large, this lamp meets my requirements perfectly. A word TOP product thank you Finesmart for the good handling and fast delivery :-)


Excellent product, well made and reliable, and really good value. Customer service was extremely good also, wouldn't hesitate to recommend both company and product.

Tim Biddiscombe
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Provides the lighting effect of a ‘Paraffin type’ lamp (vintage). Works with Phillips Hue and Alexa. Accurately described. It mimics the general light effect of say a bright old ‘paraffin style’ lamp, and it is dimmable. Had no problems in integrating it directly with my existing Phillips Hue hub, an Indoor Hue sensor (and also Alexa), for scheduled operation etc. Overall, I’m quite happy with it and with the price I paid.

Michael Roche

Perfect operation in combination with Hue. I ran out of space for Hue GU10s in my suspended ceilings, until Bart van Gorp pointed me to the Innr recessed spot kit. Thanks Bart and photos will follow when the kitchen is installed.

Hans S.

Best Smart LED strip alternative • Beautiful design • High Quality • Enough light • easy to apply • may be slightly clearer. Top strip that is twice as long as the Hue LED strip, and also slightly cheaper! It works perfectly with the philips hue app and has beautiful colors.


So easy to set up, works well with Philips Hue and Google Home/Assistant, price was right & delivery was lightening fast. They work perfectly with the Hue hub and were so easy to set up. Truly plug and play. I have them set up as part of a routine in Google for a fan in our bedroom and lights in the kitchen. Like I already stated, work perfectly out of the box & were set up in a matter of minutes.

M. Haley

Beautiful lamp. Finally the lamp that I was waiting for for a long time. Works perfectly with Hue. The light color is also good.

André H.

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