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Smart Filament Bulbs

Hilversum, July 25, 2019. Interest in smart lighting control has grown enormously in recent years. More and more products are being developed for use at home and many users now rely exclusively on smart light.

Innr announces a variety of new smart products: garden lighting, basic fittings, new recessed LED and ceiling lamps – all based on Zigbee. But initially, the focus is on the market launch of the filament products, which are suitable for operation within Zigbee networks with clear glass optics – and thus for the first time ever available.

As the c’t magazine wrote in the spring of 2019, the Dutch manufacturer has already succeeded in becoming one of the market leaders in just two years after its market launch in Europe. Reason enough to talk with Innr about the current development, goals and product details of the highly anticipated LED in vintage E27 design.

CEO Jeroen Dalderop

Interview with the founders and managing directors of Innr

Smartlights: The proliferation of LED products in the Smart Lighting market is increasing enormously worldwide. Analysts like Goldman Sachs * project global growth of 8 percent from 2019 to 2020. What are the reasons for the dynamics of the market?

Jeroen Dalderop: It’s true that the smart LED market is currently booming globally. There are several reasons. First, the initial orientation towards standards has now been completed. The Zigbee standard has not only been able to assert itself, but has also received further technological improvements with version 3.0.

In addition, the basis of the smart home control units expands day by day. Because hardly a builder now waives the functions of home automation. Anyone interested in technology who is relocating is also considering whether smart technical installations can be installed in the new home to make everyday life more enjoyable.

CFO Rob Timmer

Smartlights: Innr attracts attention with its various product highlights. Recently, it was the 4-meter LED strip and the Zigbee smart plug, which is not available in the Philips Hue range. As the first manufacturer, you are now introducing a Zigbee-based LED variant with incandescent design. What strategic approach is Innr pursuing with products with a more visible LED “filament”.

Rob Timmer: Early on we received requests for a crystal-clear LED bulb in classic retro design. Innr customers use the products in modern lights and antique lamps. Although filament lamps with E27 lampholders are available on the market, they are not yet available for use within Zigbee networks.

Innr changes that now. We are less concerned with a strategic approach than with attractive designer products, which we include in our product range at affordable prices.

Smartlights: Innr is often treated as a welcome price alternative to Philips Hue, so as a third party. How do you see yourself?

Jeroen: Two years ago, we had to overcome hurdles to establish ourselves initially in the European markets. Because we prefer to invest our available budgets in research and development instead of marketing measures.

The “who is Innr ?!” was soon followed by good readings within the smart user community: best green values, solid craftmanship, competent hotline support and, last but not least, clever product developments away from the Philips Hue portfolio led to an image as independent brand manufacturer.

Rob: Meanwhile, the perception of the Innr brand has changed fundamentally. A milestone related to this is certainly the performance of our products as part of the detailed 2019 c’t test and other comparative tests.

The c’t test comparison gives our products a qualitative equivalent to those of Philips Hue. For the first time Innr products have been tested so comprehensively, we were very happy.

Because Philips is by no means a constant in Zigbee innovation, as evidenced by our new product highlight Innr RF 263 Vintage. With the first Zigbee LED in incandescent design, we further break the call to be a third party supplier.

RB 263 Filament Vintage bulb features

Smartlights: What technical data can be expected from the new Innr products with clear glass optics?

Rob: There will be two filament products from the beginning of August for the classic E27 display. With the first, the effect is more golden, with 350 lumens and 2,200 Kelvin colour temperature in the candlelight area. The second is a brighter version that provides warm light with 2,700 Kelvin and 806 lumens.

Both products have a clear, high-quality real glass case. The vintage version is called RF 263 and the brighter LED has the product ID RF 265.

Smartlights: In the fan community, many are longing for filament bulbs that can be operated in Zigbee networks. Innr is the first supplier of such a design. At what price are the Innr RF 263 and the RF 265 offered?

Jeroen: Both 2019 product highlights will be available under 20 euros. According to our current plans, the price will settle at around 17 euros.

Filament vintage bulb application

Smartlights: The low price for the market launch surprised, frankly. Were sales prices of 30 euros not originally mentioned in the first announcements?

Jeroen: Yes, that is true. But not only the smart lighting market as a whole is growing rapidly. This development also applies to Innr. Currently we are growing by more than 50 percent per year; is aiming for market shares of at least 10 percent in various countries and is expanding not only in Europe but also in the USA since 2019.

Our vision is to make smart light easy to use and at the same time affordable.

Rob: Innr Lighting has always succeeded in attracting attention with smart products and premium quality. Our Zigbee socket SP 120 and the 4 meter LED light strip are examples and bestsellers.

From now on we want to transfer the success factor premium quality to new product developments: In the field of filament offerings, we now add: 1. the presentation of a new product on the European market and 2. the offer of this innovation from the start to a price that can hardly be beaten.

Smartlights: We take the first filament test patterns under the microscope and thank you for the interview.

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