Innr Smart lights help you save energy 

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Smart lighting to save money and lower your energy bill 

We all have been confronted with steep energy bills and higher cost-of-living recently. Are you also looking for ways to save as much energy as possible? Solutions like turning down the heating and taking shorter showers are implemented by many. But what about this one: buy smart lighting!

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Ledlamps: the energy saving lamp  

Innr Smart lights and fixtures all work with LED. Halogen lamps and even energy saving lamps cannot compete with LED. For example, a LED lamp lasts about 7.5 times longer and saves 85 percent more energy compared to a halogen lamp. Compared to an energy saving lamp, a LED lamp is even up to 90% more energy efficient.

So you save a lot with an LED lamp, but what few people know is that you save much more with a smart LED lamp than with a normal LED lamp. With smart lighting you can dim your lights and turn on and off at the desired times. Even when you’re not at home.

Dim & Save 

You save even more by dimming LED lamps! If you dim a LED lamp from 100% to 50%, you only use 25% of the energy. For a normal LED lamp,  you need a special dimmer and they can be expensive. But smart lamps can be dimmed wirelessly, because they contain a special chip. So you don’t have to buy and connect a dimmer for every lamp, you can simply dim your lights wirelessly with in the free app.    


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Lights on and off automatically 

Do you ever forget to turn off the lights when you walk upstairs or go out the door? With smart lights you no longer have to worry about this. With the app you can see if the lights are still on and easily turn them off, even if you are not at home. This prevents unnecessary energy expenses.  

Create ambience with the timer function  

Lighting can really set the mood. Bright white light can increase your productivity and is ideal for when you’re working, but trying to relax with bright light is less than ideal. In situations like this, smart lighting really makes a difference. With smart lighting you can easily create a timer, so that the light automatically switches to warmer and dimmed light at a certain time. This way, you will not only produce melatonin to get you into the relaxation mood, but you will also save money!