The Home safe and sound when you’re not around Solution

Smart lighting that confuses burglars

Make it seem as if you are at home. It is never a good feeling when your house looks lonely and dark. While you are enjoying a well-deserved holiday, or sitting at the bar of your local pub. That is why we have a good feeling for you: With Innr you really are always the smartest. Make it seem as if you’re at home with Innr’s smart lighting and confuse burglars. Lights on, burglars gone.

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Innr Smart Lighting Needed common sence outsmart burglars

Needed: your common sense

Do you also want to confuse the burglars? Take your common sense, our smart lights and your phone. Just set it once, so that the lights go on and off automatically, and that’s it! For everyone. For Lucy. And John. And Harry. And Sarah. Everyone can leave the house with peace of mind and outsmart burglars.

Innr smart Lighting worry less about consumption

Worry less about consumption

We hear you thinking: lights on, burglars out, but my energy bill up. Fortunately, the latest LED lighting is very economical. For example, the smart LED lights use up to 80% less energy. This means 100% outdoor enjoyment.

Lights on, burglars gone. Make it seem as if you’re at home with smart lighting from Innr. Smart lights for all.

Make it even easier with voice control

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“Hey Google!”

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Siri Shortcuts

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