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I don’t have a smart system yet

Find out which products you need to start your first smart lighting system.

Crediamo che tutti debbano poter avere la propria luce perfetta.

Controllo wireless

Usa il telefono, la voce o un telecomando.

Energia efficiente

Le lampadine Smart LED consumano fino al 90% di energia in meno.

Facile da installare

Sostituisci le tue lampadine a incandescenza in un istante.


Confonde automaticamente i ladri (e i vicini).

connect bridge to router

The basics

Find out which products you need to start your first smart lighting system.

What you need:

  1. Smart lights
  2. A bridge
  3. A router with WiFi Connection
  4. The Innr app or remote

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Innr app timers

How to connect your lights

You’ve screwed in your lights, now it’s time to connect them!

Connect the lights

  1. Start up the Innr app on your phone and make sure you’re connected to you WiFi
  2. Use the app to find your bridge
  3. Set up your favourite lighting scenes for every occasion.

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Setting up your own smart lighting goes beyond just screwing in a lightbulb.

Confuse burglars (and neighbours)

Leaving home for a while? Set up our anti-burglary scenes to sporadically turn Innr lights on and off. This will confuse potential burglars and makes it difficult to tell whether you're home or not.

Better lighting using only 10% of the energy.

Because our smart lighting solutions uses efficient LED technology you'll save up on a ton of energy. Dimming the LED's increases your savings even more. Not only does this help with the environment, it also helps save you some money and earn back the cost of installment.

Control milions of colours from the palm of your hand.

Why stick with just on or off and light or dark? Spice it up a little and get our Fun colour LEDs. Add a personal touch to every room and create scenes for every occasion.

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I want to pair Innr bulbs to my Philips Hue set-up

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I want to use voice control for smart lighting