Innr was the first company in the world to do a modern take on vintage filament combined with advanced smart lighting technology. Filament bulbs with its beautiful retro design are a real eye catcher in your smart living. Expect the old school light bulb glow, but with full wireless control from the palm of your hand. LED haven’t been so beautiful and pleasing since the incandescent light bulb.

Edison would be proud!

A Zigbee certified warm glow, affordable and easy to use with plenty of modern features.

Wireless control

Use your phone, voice, or a remote.


An accessible start to smarten up your home.

Retrofit screw caps

Replace your incandescent bulbs in an instant.

Compatible with Hue*

Use your Hue bridge to (voice) control your Innr lights.

Best sellers

Make it even easier with voice control

Works with Hey Google logo

Google Assistant

“Hey Google!”

Works with Alexa logo

Amazon Alexa

“Alexa, …”

Siri Shortcuts logo

Siri Shortcuts

“Hey Siri!”

Works with all major players

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