How to Use Smart Lighting to Prevent Break-Ins & Improve Home Security

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Smart home automation systems make life more comfortable but also give you the security you’re after. Use smart lighting when you’re out for the night or on holiday to help you deter robberies and protect your home from break-ins.

According to United States Department of Justice, there are 2.5 million burglaries per year in the U.S. and revealed that homes with no security systems or deterrents are 300% more likely to be broken into and burglarized.

A crime statistics study by Eurostat found there were 1.3m robberies In Europe in 2016, and these numbers are on a steady 10 year down trend. One reason these numbers are dropping every year is the smart deterrents people use in their homes.

A Smart-Lighting Deterrent

There are smart security cameras, smart locks and motion detection, which all help, but one clever trick can keep your home safe without all these gadgets. Lighting is a common way to deter burglaries, as thieves are less likely to approach or attempt to rob your house while its lights are on. If you’re not home, then instead of keeping your lights on all the time, you can use the timer function in the Innr app to make it appear that you’re at home at all times.

Intertwine the lighting in your home with outdoor lighting and control using manual function or automatic timer functions, and you can make your home more secure and still save energy while you’re away.

Use smart lighting when you're out for the night or on holiday to help you deter robberies

Setting the Scene of Security

Smart lighting allows you to create custom scenes that contain multiple lights that can each have their own brightness level and colour. This clever technology means you can set a “Romance” scene where the lights dim and go a romantic red, or a “Working” scene where the lights are bright, clear and blue for focused work. With one action, you can set an entire smart scene for a room allowing you to change all lights with a single click.

One way to use this scene feature is to set a scene for when you’re not home, in order to increase your properties security. This smart scene then makes your home appear to have occupants inside, even while you’re at dinner or abroad. If you travel for the summer or you fear night robberies, you can use the Innr smart lighting scene features to deter invaders.

Summer Is High Season for Robberies

During the holiday periods, burglars are more active as people go away, leaving their house empty. Simulating your presence using smart lighting can make it appear like someone is at home and deter burglars from attempting a break-in. The smart Innr Wi-Fi bulbs are perfect for this feature, as you can add up to 10 bulbs with no bridge needed. They are perfect as a last-minute security deterrent as they connect to Wi-Fi in a few minutes, ready for you to go out tonight or enjoy a peaceful summer holiday.

If you have a bridge, you can scare burglars out of your garden before they even reach your house. Vandals and burglars hate the spotlight, so with just a few clever outdoor lights, you can shine a light on their nefarious activates and protect your home from break-ins. Add the Outdoor Flex, Spots and Smart Pedestal lights at the front and back, along pathways, near your garage and over your porch and you’ll scare robbers away from any angle they come from.

Deter burglars with smart outdoor lighting


You Deserve Smart Security

We believe everyone deserves to keep their home secure with advanced smart lighting systems. We know that home intrusions and burglaries can be traumatic, especially if you have a family to take care of and valuable possessions stolen. Even with home insurance to cover you, it’s still a shock-inducing event, and proactive prevention is always better than claiming insurance later.

While you should have security cameras, motion detection and adequate locks and bolts, smart lighting is another great way to stop thieves even approaching. Not only do you get all the energy saving benefits of using smart lighting, you’ll also protect your home by scaring away sneaky trespassers.

The Steps to Secure Your Home with Smart Lighting

We’ve laid out 5 simple steps to protect your home using the Innr smart lighting bulbs. You can add bulbs to every room and have mood lighting set in your entire house. We recommend starting with your living spaces and bedrooms, because we spend most of our lives here. These are also the rooms intruders know we live, so if lights are on, they’ll stay away.

Switching the lights on or off while you’re on holiday can deter burglaries, however it’s a pain to control the lights from the app by hand while you’re enjoying your toes in the sand and a margarita in hand. The best way to have your lights turn on and off is to use the Innr app’s automatic timer function.


Innr App automation Sunset

Smart Security lighting Step 1:

First, let’s create scenes, called “Routines”, for each individual room. If you have smart lights, everywhere inside and outside, create routines for each location.

Smart Security lighting Step 2:

Press the “Automation” button at the bottom right of your app screen, and you’ll find we’ve already populated the app with the most popular pre-set automations ready to go. Press the timer you wish to adjust or click the plus icon to create a new one.

You could name the timer “Mockupancy” to remind you that this timer will “mock” your “occupancy” when you’re on holiday or out for a night.

Smart Security lighting Step 3:

Select the specific time you want your routine to mirror your activity at home, for examples arriving home, changing the lighting in the dining room, turning the bedroom lights on and off, and keeping various lighting on late at night. Then choose the days you want this routine to repeat on.

Smart Security lighting Step 4:

Now press “Routine” and assign this timer to a pre-set routine like “Relax”, “Work”, or “Good morning”, and then save the entire timer so it’s ready to use. You can create and edit multiple timers, and the more random you make them, the better you’ll be able to deter break-ins, as it will look like you’re moving around in your house.

Smart Security lighting Step 5:

When you’ve created and adjusted all your timers and routines, you can toggle them on or off from the main automation screen to activate them anytime. This will make it convincing that you’re at home, throwing off even the smart burglars who may try to detect similar patterns in your light activity.

Home Security of The Future

Using the Innr smart lights and timer functions on the app is a futuristic and helpful way to prevent robberies. The major benefits of cost-saving, mood lighting, voice control and customized functions still apply, and now your home is more secure, so you can travel this summer and go for evenings out without worrying about break-ins. Pick up your Innr bulbs and enjoy affordable, quality smart lighting to keep your property secure this summer.

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