Operating Innr WiFi lights with Hey Google

Use voice control to operate your WiFi lighting

voice control with Google Assistant with Innr Wifi bulbs

Life just got easier: just ask Google to control your Innr lights by using voice commands.

Use simple voice command to turn your lights on or off, dim your lights or select your favourite colour for a single light bulb or a complete room, all without you needing to lift a finger.

“Hey Google!”

It’s easy to get started. Tap the “+” button in the Google Home app, select “Set up device“, and select the Works with Google option. Search for “Innr” and select the Innr Action. Then, authenticate with your Innr for WiFi app user name and password to link your Innr system to the Google Assistant.

Easily control your Innr lights with Google Home commands. Simply say “Hey Google” to get its attention and replace these examples with your own personal light and room settings. There are many voice commands, we have selected the most common commands for you.

Note: Create your own room(s) and room name(s) in the Google Home App, the room settings in the Innr for Wifi app will not be visible in the Google Home app. The name of a light can be changed in the Innr for Wifi app and also in the Google Home app.

Here are some of our favourite phrases:

  • “Hey Google, turn on the lights in the kitchen”
  • “Hey Google, dim the bedroom lights”
  • “Hey Google, set the reading light to 50%”
  • “Hey Google, set the ceiling lamp to red”
  • “Hey Google, activate good morning”

Basic light commands:

For turning on and off your light, brightening and dimming.

  • “Hey Google, turn on all the lights”
  • “Hey Google, make the reading light brighter”
  • “Hey Google, set the living room lights 50%”
  • “Hey Google, brighten the lights in the kitchen”
  • “Hey Google, dim the ceiling lamp by 20%”

Colour commands:

For changing the white colours and for adding some fun colours.

  • “Hey Google, make the dinner lights warm white”
  • “Hey Google, make my reading lights daylight white”
  • “Hey Google, set my bedroom light to gold”
  • “Hey Google, set the kitchen lights to sky blue ”
  • “Hey Google, turn my ceiling lamp to lavender”

There are many other colour names you can use, including but not limited to: warm white, soft white, white, daylight white, cool white, red, crimson, salmon, orange, gold, yellow, green, turquoise, cyan, sky blue, blue, purple, magenta, pink and lavender.

Light scene commands:

For activating a scene (routine) to your light(s) or room(s)

  • “Hey Google, activate Family Time in the kitchen”
  • “Hey Google, set the living room lights to Relax”
  • “Hey Google, turn on Work in the office”
  • “Hey Google, activate Good Morning in the bedroom ”
  • “Hey Google, turn on Good Night in the bedroom”

You can edit and enable/disable a scene in the Google Home app.
Simply say “Hey Google” to get its attention and replace these examples with your own scene settings.

Asking status commands:

For asking the status of your lights, is your light on or off and what is the dimming level?

  • “Hey Google, are all the lights in the living room on?”
  • “Hey Google, is the ceiling light on?”
  • “Hey Google, wat is the dim level of my bedroom light?”

Google Assistant is so smart that you don’t need to use these exact commands. Feel free to change them to best suit you everyday speech and lifestyle.


Need help?

Just say “Hey Google”, ask your question and the Google assistant is ready to help you.

Quick answers

What’s the difference between operating via WiFi and operating via Zigbee?

Operating via Zigbee requires a bridge or a hub. WiFi doesn’t need those.

Can I expand my Zigbee system with WiFi bulbs?

Yes and no. The WiFi bulbs use the new Innr for WiFi app and at this point it’s only usable with WiFi bulbs. The Innr Zigbee bulbs can be controlled with our existing Innr app when the lights are linked to the Innr Bridge. In the near future, it will be possible to use Innr WiFi and Zigbee bulbs together in one app.

Can I use the WiFi bulbs with Google Home, Alexa or Apple Homekit?

You can use the WiFi bulbs with both Google Home and Alexa, but not Apple Homekit.

Can I link the WiFi bulbs to Siri?

You can make Siri Shortcuts in our Innr for Wifi app, so that you can operate your routines by voice. Open the Innr for Wifi app, press “Routines” and you’ll see a button on the lower right where you can set up your Siri Shortcuts. Say “Hey Siri” to get its attention and say the shortcuts you set up, for example: “Good Morning”.