Innr introduceert twee nieuwe elegante filament-ledlampen met een vintage look

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Hilversum, 16 januari 2020 – De Nederlandse slimme verlichtingsspecialist Innr kondigt de marktlancering aan van verdere ontwerpvarianten van de bekende LED lamp met gloeilamplook. Vanwege hun prachtige ontwerp zijn de nieuwe LED’s vooral voorbestemd voor gebruik in designarmaturen waar de peertjes zichtbaar zijn.

Smart Filament Globe application

Innr has added two attractive vintage versions for use in E27 sockets. The manufacturer, whose products also can be used in Philips Hue networks, was one of the first providers of filament LEDs that provide Zigbee compatibility.

The first type is a spherical version called “Globe”. The second type is the elongated ‘Edison’ model. Both products have a gold-coated clear glass look and a tasteful frame, which is also gold-coloured.

Due to their beautiful design, the new LEDs are particularly predestined for use in designer luminaires where the light bulbs are visible.

The RF 261 (Globe) and RF 264 (Edison) models differ little from a technical point of view. The new filament LEDs provide light intensities of 350 lumens with a colour temperature of 2200K. The replacement wattage corresponds to a incandescent light bulb with 30 W, but efficiently these LED bulbs only use 4.2 W.

Since both products support the Zigbee 3.0 standard, they can be operated in a variety of smart home networks. The models can be dimmed by control via smartphone or tablet and can also be switched automatically using a timer. Who uses Amazon Echo Plus or Echo Show (2nd gen.) can also set the LED by voice control.

Due to their attractive design with real glass, the shapely Globe and Edison bulbs can even be used without a lampshade. So can the design bulbs for example be used ‘upside down’ as ceiling lights or in a modern chandelier.

Both products can now be ordered. The 10 gram heavier globe lamp is available at a price of 23.99 euros (RT 261). The slim model ‘Edison’ (RF 264) costs 18.99 euros.

About Innr

Innr is a renowned manufacturer of smart high-quality LED lighting systems in the living and working area. The Dutch company was founded in 2012 and sells its products based on the Zigbee standard in the Netherlands, Scandinavia, England, France, Italy, Spain, Germany and North America. The company has made a name for itself as a cost-effective premium quality supplier of retrofit smart LED bulbs.

Innr’s LED technology replaces classic light sources with wireless dimmable comfort LEDs that can be operated via smartphone, tablet, remote control or voice control. Innr products can be controlled via various interfaces and are compatible with amongst others Samsung SmartThings and Philips Hue, except for the Hue entertainment functionality or with Apple HomeKit.

Innr Lighting BV, Heuvellaan 50, 1217 JN  Hilversum, The Netherlands.
Press contact: Joyce Brouwer, Phone: +31 35 744 03 88, 

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