Connecting Innr Zigbee lights with Philips Hue*

*Doesn’t work with the Apple HomeKit or Hue Entertainment functionality (Sync)

Innr Smart Zigbee bulbs are highly adaptable: they connect seamlessly with Philips Hue. Learn how you can pair your Innr Zigbee bulbs with your Hue bridge.

How to pair an Innr Zigbee bulb to Philips Hue bridge

Step 1: Preparation

Start the Hue app, go to “Settings” and choose “Lamp configuration”. Then choose “+” at the bottom right and then “Search.”

Step 2: Search for lights

Then turn the Innr lamp off and on again. The lamp will blink twice, indicating that it can be connected.

Step 3: Connecting

When the bridge has found the light (this is a matter of seconds), the light flashes once more to confirm that it is linked to the bridge.

Step 4: Adjust and operate

Moments later, the lamp will be visible in the Hue app and you can operate it. This may take a while!

Tip! Control with a remote

In the same way as a bulb, you can also add a remote control. Do this by pressing the “program” and “-” button on the remote control for at least 3 seconds until the green LED starts flashing. You see the remote control appear in the app as RC 110.

Quick answers
Why can't I find the lamp in the app when I turn it on and search for it?

Try to reverse the order: first start the search in the app and then turn the lamp off and on.

Can I reset the light and connect it to another bridge or remote control?

Yes, by switching the light off and on 6 times in quick succession, it’s resets manually. The lamp will blink twice if done successfully. See our YouTube instruction.


How do I know if a lamp is outside the range of the bridge?

The app then indicates that it is unreachable. It is possible that the lamp is placed very far from the bridge or that there are no other lamps in the vicinity to transmit signals. Another possibility is that the lamp has no power connection.

I already own (wall)dimmers. Can I use them?

No. In fact, Innr lamps can’t be installed behind a dimmer at all. They can’t handle the electronic control of the dimmer, not even when the dimmer is turned to the brightest setting. Chances are the Innr light will flicker, but even if they don’t, it’s likely the wireless control of the Innr system will be severely impaired through using additional dimmers.
The dimming function is built into the Innr system and it’s compatible with all its lights. The Bridge is essentially ‘one dimmer for your entire home’ and when operated through the Innr App, it allows you to specify the illumination level of each separate lamp, or even multiple lamps at the same time using scenes.

Can I control the Innr lights with the Apple HomeKit or Siri, just like Hue lamps?

No, Apple does not allow you to control non-Philips lamps with the HomeKit via the Hue bridge.
You can control Innr lighting with the Hue app, remote, and sensors.

Is it possible to update the firmware for Innr lamps using Hue bridge?

No, an update of the firmware of the Innr lamps can’t be performed using the Hue bridge. It can be done using our Bridge, but it has never been necessary to perform a firmware update. All Innr lamps have the latest firmware that has been approved and certified by the Zigbee Alliance. In addition to the official Zigbee certification, we thoroughly test our Zigbee firmware before we make our products available for sale. In short, there is no need for a firmware update.

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