Creating classy scenes using Smart Filament

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Smart filament light bulbs are the latest innovation in smart lighting technology. Originally a light bulb would contain a wire filament which would be heated until it started to glow. This required a lot of electricity, but it would give off this vintage warm glow we all know and love. Until recently it was impossible to achieve this same glow with LED lighting. 

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In the last few years however, the LED filament was created. The LED filament consists of multiple small LEDs mounted on a small glass-like strip. This allows the light to spread evenly and without any interference. A yellow phosphor coating surrounding this strip converts the blue light generated by the LEDs into white light. Different style of coatings are used to create all sorts of light bulbs, each with their own level of warmth (Kelvin). Creating this type of LED filament was a huge challenge, but making it smart was even trickier. And yet, Innr was smart enough to be the first in the world to achieve this. It’s now possible to achieve that same vintage glow with full control over its intensity, while saving up to 90% on your energy bill.

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Where and when to use smart filament LEDs

Filament bulbs not only have a warm glow to them, they look amazing as well. That’s why you’ll find them in plenty of different rooms and scenarios. They’re popular in coffee bars, studios and store windows, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them at home!


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The different types of bulbs

Smart filament bulbs come in plenty of different shapes, but an important distinction is the difference in coating. Some Innr filament tubes have a coating to make sure the bulb gives off
a really warm glow, while some other Innr bulbs have a different coating and more integrated LEDs, making them brighter with a higher Kelvin rating. The coated bulbs would be best suited for cozy or loungey settings, while the others are more fitting for an office or kitchen. It’s also important to note the different shapes and sizes. For example, there’s the Edison model. Its elongated shape means it’s best suited for hanging from the ceiling. The Globe is a large, more spherical model that’s better suited for an upright fixture on a coffee table.

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A few tips and tricks

We’ve come across plenty of creative lighting solutions, but one that really stands out is the outdoor lantern style. Light up your driveway with smart light bulbs to give you and your
guests a warm welcome by placing a filament bulb inside a waterproof lantern-case. Use a glass casing for the best result. Another great way to liven up your kitchen or studio is by combining different bulbs. Try hanging three different styles of bulbs from a piece of vintage copper tubing right above the kitchen table. Adjust the height for each light and style it exactly the way you like it. Finally, we came across someone that fitted three fixtures in a piece of wood. This can really liven up your bookshelf or even become a centerpiece of its own. Make sure to always check your fixtures and their surroundings to find out which bulb is best suited for the situation, and don’t forget to get creative. Share your favourite solutions on our

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Inspired to add that same smart vintage glow to your home?

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