Operating Innr Zigbee lights with Alexa

Use voice control to operate your smart lighting

“Alexa, turn on the lights!” Voice control with Alexa is possible with Innr smart Zigbee bulbs connected to a bridge of Hue or SmartThings. Learn how to control your Innr Zigbee bulbs with Alexa, after you’ve set up your smart lighting with Hue or SmartThings.

“Alexa, switch on the lights!”

Innr lights can be controlled with an Echo Dot or Echo Show (1st gen) through a Philips Hue bridge V2 or a SmartThings hub. With this set-up you control all your smart lights with your voice. Start with “Alexa” and your assistant is there to help.

If you own an Echo Plus or Echo Show (2nd gen), you don’t need a separate bridge to connect your Innr lights. These speakers have a built-in hub and responds controlling your smart home. To set-up your system with the Echo Plus or Show (2nd gen), go to How to pair an Innr bulb to Echo Plus or Echo Show 

Works with Alexa logo

Set-up your smart lighting with Alexa and a bridge of Hue or SmartThings

First pair your Innr lights to a Hue bridge (see how) or SmartThings hub, then connect the bridge to Amazon Alexa. Watch this video to see how you can connect your Philips Hue system with Amazon Alexa. Go to this link to learn how to connect Alexa with SmartThings. Through the Alexa app you can connect your lights by enabling a Skill. After completing a number of steps you’re ready to easily control your lights with your voice.

“Alexa, turn on in livingroom!”

Simply operate your lights with voice control

Hands full? Ask Alexa to switch on the light, dim or brighten the lights or change colours.

  • “Alexa, switch on the light.”
  • “Alexa, dim the light in the bedroom.”
  • “Alexa, change the lights to blue.”
  • “Alexa, are the lights in the kitchen off?”

About Amazon Alexa

Alexa is a voice assistant integrated into Amazon speakers named Echo. Some speakers, like the Echo Plus and the Echo Show (2nd gen) have a built-in hub and don’t need a separate bridge to control your smart lighting. Other speakers, like Echo Dot and Echo Show (1st gen) can control your smart lighting via a separate bridge, for example a bridge of Hue or SmartThings. To connect a bridge, you enable the Skill in the Alexa-app.