Connecting Innr Zigbee lights with Echo Plus or Echo Show (2nd gen)

Echo Plus and Echo Show (2nd gen) both have a built-in hub that seamlessly connects and controls with Innr light bulbs. You won't need a seperate (Innr) Bridge.

Innr Smart Zigbee bulbs are highly adaptable: they connect seamlessly with Amazon Echo Plus or Echo Show (2nd gen). Learn how you can pair your Innr Zigbee bulbs with your Echo Plus or Show with build-in hub.

How to pair an Innr Zigbee bulb to Echo Plus or Echo Show (2nd gen)


Step 1: Preparation

Start with your light on. This will blink twice to indicate it’s ready to be paired

Step 2: Search for lights

Then say: “Alexa, discover“. Your Echo will respond: “Starting discovery. This…

Step 3: Pairing

Turn off and on your Innr light. If you’d like to pair multiple bulbs at once, turn them off and on one by one. Your bulb will breathe when it has been picked up by your Echo.

Step 4: Adjust and operate

Alexa tells you when the search is finished. You can test how to operate by saying: “Alexa, turn off first light“. Then you can start to adjust your light in the app.

Quick answers

Why are the lamps flashing?

If your lights are flashing, your lights still need to be linked to your bridge. This is needed to make sure you are the only one in control of your lights, and not your neighbour (and vice versa!). As long as a lamp isn’t linked to a bridge, it will flash for a few seconds when turned on. To connect one or multiple lamps with your bridge, use the app to have the bridge search for lamps, and turn them off and on one by one. Every lamp flashes for a bit when turned on because it hasn’t connected yet, but it’s found by the bridge within 4 seconds and will flash one more time to signal it’s connected.

How do I put my lamps in pairing mode?

Turn the lamps off and on again, or in the case of the Smart Plug (SP 120), hold the off/on button for 5 seconds. As long as the lamp isn’t connected to a bridge, it’ll flash for a bit upon being turned on. In that time it’ll search for a bridge that’s also in pairing mode.

Can I reset the light and connect it to another bridge or remote control?

Yes, by switching the light off and on 6 times in quick succession, it’s resets manually. The lamp will blink twice if done successfully. See our YouTube instruction.