Ideas for smart lighting in your living room

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Currently, most rooms only have one type of lighting with only two settings; on or off. That means you have to switch rooms if you want to create a different vibe for the evening. In this article we’ll show you how you can use smart lighting in one room to create the perfect atmosphere for plenty of occasions.

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For studios with a kitchen

Some living rooms are in the same area as a kitchen. These open spaces are great, but can be tricky to light properly. Especially when you want to be productive in the kitchen while still keeping a loungey vibe in the living room. If you’re not using smart lighting, you’d have to turn off the lights in the kitchen, making it completely dark. With smart lighting you can simply dim or tune the kitchen lights when you »re done cooking. If your kitchen counter needs a bit of of a flourish, you can choose to mount some Puck lights in the cabinets above it. The Pucks give a pleasant diffused light, but since the distance between the bottom of the cabinets and the top of the counter isn’t that far, the 3 Watts per Puck is more than enough to safely cut your veggies. For extra style points you can build the Pucks directly into the cabinets. It could also be worth checking the fixture in your kitchen exhaust. Sometimes it’ll fit a smart LED GU10. That way, you can adjust the entire mood in the kitchen, even when you’re not cooking.


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