How to create a safer home using smart lighting

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safer home with smart lighting

Creating a safer home using scenes and timers

Off course, you’ll probably start with smart lighting for your own comfort when you’re home. But even when you’re out, smart lighting can help making your home safer. Lights turning on and off irregularly make it look like you’re home, and that’s scaring off burglars. But what if you’re going away on holiday? We’ve thought of that! You can use the Innr app’s timer function to automatically turn lights on and off while you’re gone. Here’s a quick guide on how to do that.

Step 1 – Set up Scenes

Set up scenes for every room in your home.

Start using the Innr app to play with different lighting settings. Create multiple scenes for different occasions.
You can do this by following the next steps:

  1. Create a name for a scene
  2. Choose a type of scene
  3. Set the lights to your preferred setting for this scene
  4. Save the scene

Keep in mind that only one scene can be active per room.

You an include all the lights in one room or choose different lights for each scene. Perhaps you’ve already made multiple rooms in your home smarter. Make sure that there’s a scene for every one of them.

Innr app set up timers in a program

Step 2 – Create a Program

Create a new program by going to ‘Programs & Timers’ and clicking the big ‘+’; icon. Name this program, for example “Holiday”.

Step 3 – Add Timers

Now you can start adding timers to this program. Click ‘add new timer’. Give it a name, for example ‘getting home’ and select a time, for example ‘17.30’. Then select a room and a corresponding scene. Press the pink check mark to save the timer.

Step 4 – Add more Timers

Repeat step 3 to add multiple timers to the program.

Step 5 – Make different Programs for every day of the week

Save the program and repeat step 2-4 to create multiple programs for different days of the week. This will really throw off any potential burglars (and neighbours).

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If you need a more detailed guide to create Scenes and Programs, please check this article.

CEO Jeroen Dalderop

Jeroen - Co-founder of Innr Lighting