Smart lighting outside – Why Innr adds Outdoor Lights

Outdoor Pedestal Light set in garden

Why Innr included Outdoor lighting in their lineup

Yes, we can see the irony in a company called Innr creating Outdoor articles. That’s why we asked Innr’s co-founder Jeroen about his vision and design choices for Innr’s new smart Outdoor lighting category.

More and more affordable products are penetrating the market dominance of premium suppliers like Philips Hue and Innr. This increases price pressure on the European market and flattens market entry barriers.

Some of the users are content with the basic functions of smart light. Basic functions are already provided by lamps with a WiFi module. The advantages are obvious: users do not need any Zigbee bridges and therefore smart, inexpensive solutions appeal to bargain hunters and people with a controllable light requirement of less than 10 lamps.

Smart filament light bulbs are the latest innovation in smart lighting technology. Originally a light bulb would contain a wire filament which would be heated until it started to glow. This required a lot of electricity, but it would give off this vintage warm glow we all know and love. Until recently it was impossible to achieve this same glow with LED lighting. 

Currently, most rooms only have one type of lighting with only two settings; on or off. That means you have to switch rooms if you want to create a different vibe for the evening. In this article we’ll show you how you can use smart lighting in one room to create the perfect atmosphere for plenty of occasions.

Smart LED lighting is taking the interior (and exterior) design world by storm. More and more households, restaurants, and office spaces are becoming smarter every day thanks to new and affordable connectivity technology. For the readers that are still having trouble deciding whether to switch to a smart lighting solutions, we’ve created a list of some major benefits.

The living room is the heart and soul of every family home. It’s where you go to relax, entertain guests, play video games, watch a movie, read a book and listen to music. With so much happening, it’s important to get your living room lighting spot-on. It’s time you discover the endless possibilities of smart lighting.


First and foremost, your lighting needs to be versatile, allowing you to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. Living room lighting needs to be welcoming too – after all, it’s where your friends and family congregate most often.

So, let’s get started with your guide to LED living room lighting.