The endless possibilities of smart lighting

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The living room is the heart and soul of every family home. It’s where you go to relax, entertain guests, play video games, watch a movie, read a book and listen to music. With so much happening, it’s important to get your living room lighting spot-on. It’s time you discover the endless possibilities of smart lighting.


First and foremost, your lighting needs to be versatile, allowing you to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. Living room lighting needs to be welcoming too – after all, it’s where your friends and family congregate most often.

So, let’s get started with your guide to LED living room lighting.

Dimming your smart lights is a win-win situation. You save on your energy bill and you illuminate your living room much more attractively!

The benefits of LED lighting for your living room

Let’s get back to basics. Why should you choose LED lighting for your living room? Firstly, it’s very cheap to run. In fact, LED lighting will cost you up to 80% less to run than incandescent and halogen equivalents, because it consumes 80% less energy while producing the same amount of light. And because it consumes so little energy when compared to traditional equivalents, it’s a lot kinder to the environment, so your carbon footprint will be lower.

Second, dimming your lights makes your energy consumption even lower. But LED dimmers are not cheap to purchase. That is why smart LED lighting is such a fantastic alternative: smart bulbs do not need expensive LED dimmers. In fact, they do not even work well with wall dimmers. Dimming your smart lights is very simple with the app. Let’s face it, this is a real win-win situation. You save on your energy bill and you can illuminate your living room much more attractively!

Comfort Smart lighting features kelvins

Finding the perfect shade of light for every moment

Besides dimming, all Innr LED lights in the Comfort and Colour range, are capable of casting different shades of light to create a different mood.

‘Shades of light’ is also known as light temperatures or shades of white. Light temperatures are measured in Kelvins. The higher the Kelvin rating, the cooler the shade of white light cast. The Innr Comfort range has a scope from 2200K (very warm) to 5000K (very cool).

The scope of the Innr Smart Colour lights is even wider: 1800K to 6500K. You choose: how cosy do you want your living or bedroom to be?

Replace old bulbs for Smart ones, or add a Flex Strip Colour to your interior.

Play with colour

Now you can really start playing! Because if you are relaxing on the couch, you want some relaxing music and corresponding lighting. But when you have a party or you are gaming, then you can give your interior a bright colour in an instant! Or multiple colours with multiple bulbs, just what you like. Or even better, you let your bridge to the work of a light engineer. Just program your lights and let them change colours by themselves. Read more about programming your lights, because the possibilities of smart lighting are endless…

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