Operating Innr Zigbee lights with Hey Google

Use voice control to operate your smart lighting

“Hey Google, turn on the lights!” Voice control with Google Assistant is possible with Innr smart Zigbee bulbs connected to a bridge of Hue or SmartThings. Learn how to control your Innr Zigbee bulbs with Google, after you’ve set up your smart lighting with Hue or SmartThings.

“Hey Google!”

Hey Google is integrated into the Google Home speaker and all Google Android devices. Innr Zigbee bulbs can be connected through a Philips Hue bridge V2 or a SmartThings hub. With this set-up you can control all the smart lights in your home with your voice. Start with “Hey Google” and your assistant is there to help.

works with Google Assistant


Set-up your smart lighting with Hey Google

Once you have your Hey Google compatible device, smart Innr Zigbee bulbs and a bridge of Hue or SmartThings, you can set up your own voice commanded smart home. Connect the smart bulbs to the bridge and connect the bridge to Hey Google. Watch this video to see how to connect the Hue bridge to Hey Google. Go to this link to learn how to connect Hey Google with SmartThings.

Simply operate your lights

Hands full? Ask Google Assistant to switch on the light, dim or brighten the lights or change colours.

  • “Hey Google, switch on the light.”
  • “OK Google, dim the light in the bedroom.”
  • “Hey Google, change the lights to green.”
  • “OK Google, are the lights in the kitchen off?”

Scenes with voice control

You can also set your custom lighting scenes with the Google Assistant. To do this, you first need to sync your lights by saying: “OK Google, sync my lights”. Then ask for the scenes as configured in your Hue or SmartThings app:

  • “OK Google, turn on ‘Romantic Night’ in the living room”
  • “Hey Google, turn on ‘Concentrate’ in the office”

About Hey Google

Hey Google is built into devices that support Google Assistant and can be integrated into your smart home. To use voice control this requires a device that supports Hey Google and a Philips Hue Bridge v2 or SmartThings hub.

Quick answers
Can I control the Innr lights with the Apple HomeKit or Siri, just like Hue lamps?

No, Apple does not allow you to control non-Philips lamps with the HomeKit via the Hue bridge.
You can control Innr lighting with the Hue app, remote, and sensors.

Is it possible to update the firmware for Innr lamps using Hue bridge?

No, an update of the firmware of the Innr lamps can’t be performed using the Hue bridge. It can be done using our Bridge, but it has never been necessary to perform a firmware update. All Innr lamps have the latest firmware that has been approved and certified by the Zigbee Alliance. In addition to the official Zigbee certification, we thoroughly test our Zigbee firmware before we make our products available for sale. In short, there is no need for a firmware update.