Enhance the range for your Innr Outdoor Lighting

A smart home does not stop at the house: you can now make your garden smart too! Smart lighting that uses the Zigbee protocol has a much further range than the Wi-Fi home network. Zigbee products transmit the signal they receive from the central control system (such as a bridge) to the lights that are further away. This way, you can light up even the largest gardens!

Outdoor smart lighting garden dinner setting


What do you need?

To set up your Innr system, you need an accessible router with a WiFi-home network, the Innr bridge, the Innr-app, Innr Outdoor Lights and possibly some smart indoor lights.


There are a few ways to keep a strong signal:

Step 1: Preparation

Plug in your light and check if it blinks twice when you turn it on. This means that it’s ready to connect to the bridge and app.

Know that the Zigbee chip, which receives the signal from the bridge, is located in the control box. This is the black box that controls the connected lamps as a group.

Step 2: Place the control box

Place the first control box no more than 10m from the nearest Zigbee product or bridge indoors.


Step 3: Lift the control box

Place the control box at least 15cm from the ground. The signal is stronger at 15 cm from the ground or higher.

Lift outdoor control box


Step 4: Remove metal objects

Do not place the control box behind metal objects, that may interfere with the signal


Step 5: Avoid insulation glass

Avoid passing the signal through insulating glass (low E-glass or HR++). Wooden or stone walls allow the signal to pass through much better.

Outdoor isolation glass


Step 6: Switch on the indoor lights

The indoor smart lights (or smart plug) will serve as a Zigbee signal repeater.


Step 7: Connect the control box

Pair the control box where you are going to place it and do not move it once it is paired.


Check for more information this video:



Quick answers

Zigbee lights create a mesh network, but what is a mesh network?

Every Zigbee light or switch is not only a receiver of the signal of the Zigbee bridge, but also a transmitter. This means that your Zigbee network becomes stronger and more stable with the addition of each light.

Can I use Innr indoor lighting outside?

As a rule, Innr lights aren’t meant to be used outside. But rules have exceptions, and in this case it’s rain and moisture resistant fittings. The bulbs, candles and GU10’s should be just fine in those, just like regular LED lights. However, the lights might be more difficult to control because of the larger distance between the lamps and the Bridge. Plus, garden light fixtures are often made out of metal, which may distort the signal and make it harder to control the lights.
We know you want to use Innr to brighten up every corner of your home—including your garden. So we’ve released a new line of Innr Outdoor lights to light up even the non-rainproof parts of your living space!
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How do I put my lights in linking mode?

Turn the lights off and on again. As long as the light isn’t connected to a Bridge, it’ll flash for a bit upon being turned on. In that time it’ll search for a Bridge that’s also in linking mode.