Creating programs with scenes and timers in the Innr app v1 (for old Bridge BG 110)

Program your smart Zigbee lights once, and enjoy automated lighting endlessly

By creating programs with scenes and timers in the Innr app, you can program your smart Zigbee lights once, and enjoy automated lighting. And we’re here to help you out with your scenes, timers and programs!

What’s a scene?

A scene is a setting of a group of lights within a room. With the Innr app, you can use the preset scenes, but you can also create your own. With scenes, you can easily switch to the right setting for your mood. Scenes also make it easy to schedule a daily program, adapted to your daily routine.

A scene can only be made for a specific room. If you want to create specific scenes for specific lamps, then it is important that you first put those lamps together in a room.

Step by step creating a scene

Go to the ‘Rooms’ screen, and press the gray arrow to the right of the room name. Then press “Add scene” at the top. Here you follow these steps:

  1. choose a name for your scene
  2. choose a scene type
  3. determine the position and colour at which your lamps should shine by sliding your finger into the white or coloured bar of the lamps in the room
  4. press the red check mark at the top right

Then your scene is saved and you can then turn it on when you are in the app-screen ‘of the room you created the scene for. So when you’re in “Rooms”, press the gray arrow next to the name of the room. There you will see the name of your scene at the top. You can turn a scene on and off by pressing it with your finger. Please note: one scenes is always active. You can switch by pressing the different scene icons if you have created more scenes. The icon of the scene that is active will then turn pink.

What are programs and timers?

A program is a series of timers that belong to a specific moment of the day. A timer is a fixed moment when a lamp goes on or off or takes on a scene that you set. You can find here how you create a program.

Step by step creating timers

In the home page of the app you see the button “Programs and timers” under the rooms. If you click on that, you will see the icon of a “+” twice. The top one is a larger format icon and is the start of a new Program, the smaller one below is a new Timer. Choose the big + for a new program and give it a name, for example “Holiday”.

Then you can create “Timers” for every action that a lamp or group of lamps must perform in this program. The steps for creating a Timer look like this:

  1. press on “Add new timer”
  2. give a name to the moment (for example “Wake up”)
  3. select a time (for example, “6:30 pm”)
  4. select a room (for example “Livingroom”)
  5. select a scene (for example, “Breakfast”)

When everything is filled in, a pink check mark appears in the top right of the “New Timer” screen. Press the check mark and you have saved your new Timer.

Creating a program

For a program, set different timers this way to turn your lights on and off automatically. You can make programs adapted to your daily routine, or choose to set programs for specific days in the week. Enter as many timers as you want and then save the program. If you want to make it  look like you are at home, for example during you holidays, create different programs for each day of the week.

By using automations like Sunrise or Sunset, your lights automatically switch off and on the moment the day starts or it turns dark outside.

Quick answers

Which operating system are compatible with the Innr app?

The Innr app is compatible with smartphones or tablets with the following operating systems: – iOS 9 and higher – Android 4.1 and higher The Innr app is not compatible with Windows phones or tablets.

Do I need an account to install and use Innr?

Yes, in order to operate the Innr lighting system you need to create an account. After you’ve opened the app for the first time, you have to enter a username. This needs to be a working email address. You’ll have to think of your own password. Take the following password requirements into account: 8 to 128 characters with at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter and 1 number. We’ll then send you an email to confirm your account. Once you’ve done that, you can continue the installation. The app will guide you through this step-by-step.

Can I link one lamp to multiple scenes?

Yes, you can! Just select the specific light in the app when creating a scene.

I’m trying to create a new room, but I can’t proceed. What now?

Enter your room’s name and pick a room type. You need to do both before you can proceed. Once you’ve done this, a pink check mark will appear in the top right corner. Press it to complete creating your room!

Can I use all mobile devices and is there a limit to the amount?

The Innr app is compatible with smartphones or tablets with the following operating systems: – iOS 9 and higher – Android 4.1 and higher. The Innr app is not compatible with Windows phones or tablets. Of course it’s also possible to use the Innr remote to operate the lighting. The amount of devices you connect is unlimited, but they do need access to WiFi and the app needs to be installed.

How do I connect another smartphone or tablet to the Bridge?

After you’ve used one smartphone to create your account, you can use use those login details to connect more phones or tablets to your Bridge. The Innr app is compatible with smartphones or tablets with an operating system of either iOS 8 or above, or Android 4.1 or above. The Innr app is not compatible with Windows phones or tablets. The amount of devices you can use with it is unlimited. To connect a new phone or tablet, first download the Innr app on the App Store (Apple) or Play Store (Android). Start the app, click through the first three install steps until you reach the login screen. Fill out your username (the email address you used to create the account), the password, and press ‘Login’. You don’t need to press the button on the Bridge again.

In case of power failure, will I loose all my Innr settings?

No. The scenes and other settings of your lights are stored safely. When the power is on again, the system will pick up all scenes and settings.