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London, UK, 3 August 2021 – Dutch lighting specialist Innr is officially a verified partner of the “Talks with Homey programme” from the popular all-in-one smart home platform, Homey. The new partnership means that Innr smart lights can now integrate with Homey, enabling users to take advantage of Homey “Flow” programmes.

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Homey enables users to manage multiple smart home products from one app, and also allows users to take advantage of Flows, the platform’s customisable programmes. Flows can be used to set smart light programmes depending on time of day, location, and even the status change of other connected devices. Since numerous devices and brands can be connected to Homey, users are able to create a more seamless smart home experience, with full control of all their devices from the centralised Homey App.

For example, you can connect your door and window motion sensors to your Innr smart lights – ensuring that you always come home to a well-lit space. In combination with a timer, Homey Flows can be designed so that lights only activate after the sun has set.

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Innr keeps its lighting solutions simple and effective, offering great quality at great prices, across an excellent range of devices.

Standards like Zigbee are very powerful on their own. But when a wide variety of protocols are bundled into a controller like Homey, it opens up countless new possibilities in comfort, automation, monitoring and safety. Some 170,000 Homey users will be happy to know that Innr is now a verified partner.”

Homey compatibility is an extension of Innr’s existing compatibility with Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings and Amazon Echo. As is well known, voice control with Google Home and Amazon Alexa is also possible via these hubs, which is now also possible with Homey.

“Innr keeps its lighting solutions simple and effective, offering great quality at great prices, across an excellent range of devices. From bright and vibrant vintage bulbs to colourful RGBW candle bulbs, combined with a range of fitting types, lamp styles and even outdoor products, there’s a match for every home. Innr’s lamps are very easy to connect to Homey, often you only need to turn them on and off a few times. It doesn’t get any easier than that,” said Alexander Ceha of Athom, creators of Homey.

About Innr

Innr is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality LED lighting systems for the home, office and outdoor areas. Founded in 2012, Innr founders Jeroen and Rob (both ex-managers at Philips) put all their energy into creating beautiful, practical and smart lighting with the motto ‘Simple and Affordable’. By closely following the lighting and smart home trends, Innr can respond early to customer needs and create the perfect Smart Lighting products. This knowledge is reflected in both the quality of their products and their personal service.

Innr’s LED technology replaces classic light sources with “intelligent” dimmable ‘comfort’ LEDs that can wireless be operated by smartphone, tablet, remote control or voice control. Innr products can be controlled via various interfaces and are compatible with Philips Hue technology except for the Hue Entertainment functionality or Apple HomeKit. Innr sells its products based on Zigbee and WiFi standard in the Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia, England, France, Italy, Spain and the USA. In Europe, the company has also made a name for itself as a competitively priced third-party supplier of retrofit bulbs.

About Homey

Homey combines all your wireless and smart devices at home into a single, easy-to-use and smart system to create better smart homes. Users can control their entire home with the free Homey app for Android and iPhone, or with the Homey Web App. Homey makes all devices work together in harmony, regardless of brand or technology.

The Homey Pro hardware features seven wireless technologies: Zigbee, Z-Wave-Plus, WiFi, Bluetooth, Infrared, 433MHz and 868MHz. Through its wireless radios, open platform and active community, over 50,000 devices from more than 1000 brands are supported and integrated in Homey. Automation is easily done using Homey Flow. Homey Insights provides graphs about historic value of all connected devices, while Homey Energy allows users to save energy easily.

Athom, the company behind Homey was founded in 2014 and has since then expanded across Europe. The flagship product Homey Pro is available at a large number of retailers across Europe, including 500 brick-and-mortar locations and most online retailers, and via the Homey website at https://homey.app/p/homey-pro. Combined with the Homey app for Android and iOS (which includes Siri Shortcuts and Apple Watch support) and the Homey Web App, it’s the most powerful and versatile smart home system available today.


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