A smart guide to help you find the perfect Innr solution.

I'm new here - help me choose

I’m new here

Is this your first time buying smart lighting and are you looking for an easy setup that matches the following criteria?

  • Up to 10 lights
  • Set presets and automations
  • Indoor
I want to get smarter - help me choose

I’m smart, but I want to get smarter

Are you expanding your Zigbee setup or planning to smarten up your home? We’ll show you which systems are compatible and which products are fit for you.

  • 10 or more lights
  • Connect to a hub of Innr, Hue, SmartThings or Amazon Echo
  • Indoor, outdoor and beyond
Starting with smart lighting with WiFi bulbs and the Innr for WiFi app

I’m starting out small

If you’re starting out with your first smart lighting system, we recommend the Innr WiFi range. All you have to do is plug in the bulbs, download the Innr app and you’re good to go.

This setup works especially well if you..

  • Want to start with a maximum of 10 lights
  • Are planning on using the lights indoors
  • Don’t have any other smart lighting systems yet
  • Would like to voice control your lights with a smart speaker like Alexa

To make your setup as easy as possible we’ve created an inspiration article specifically for the WiFi range, including recommended products for starting out. Check it out:

Inspiration for the WiFi range See the WiFi range in the store

I'm expanding my lighting with a Zigbee set-up

I’m expanding my setup

Do you already own an Innr, Hue or SmartThings Zigbee bridge for smart lighting, or an Amazon Echo 4th gen, Studio or Show 10? Are you planning to expand your smart lighting setup into the garden, or all the way to the top floor of your house?

In that case we recommend the…

Also check out our inspiration page for examples.

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