Christmas lights get smart with the Smart Plug from Innr

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Smart Plug Christmas lights wireless control

Hilversum, December 6, 2019. The smart home industry is facing an important event: the Christmas season. This year there will be many presents under the Christmas tree that are used to make homes more comfortable, safer and more energy efficient. But even for the Christmas tree itself there is a smart solution!

SP 222-2 Smart Plug UK 2-pack

In 2018, the Dutch manufacturer Innr was one of the first providers of smart plugs that can be integrated into ZigBee networks. The Smart Plug with the designation ‘SP 222’ for the British market and ‘SP 224’ for the North American market, quickly became a bestseller due to the compact design, and still is. With his help, traditional (non-‘smart’) lamps can be operated via the app. Especially popular is the use of built-in timers in the Innr app, with which kettles, radios and a variety of other electrical devices can be switched on and off remotely. Those who still use conventional bulbs will benefit from the Smart Plug because they can be switched via smartphone or tablet.

Comfortable Christmas with the Smart Plug

In particular during Christmas time, almost every household lights up extra: in the form of Christmas tree lights, Christmas stars, LED trees, winter villages and Christmas lighting outside. If the Smart Plug from Innr is used, all mood lighting can be switched on and off centrally. And both within Zigbee networks, as used by Philips Hue or Samsung SmartThings, and with voice control (Echo Plus / Alexa). The command “Alexa, Christmas on” already caused a lot of hilarity in various households last year. Naturally, the Christmas lights can also be operated even when out of home, for example on the road; one touch on the smartphone makes it happen. Alternatively, automated control via the integrated timers in the app could take over the implementation.

Moreover, users of Amazon Echo Plus and Echo Show (2nd generation) do not even need a ZigBee bridge to control the smart plug. The smart plug can easily be operated directly via voice control.

  • The Smart Plug SP 222 is available for 24.99 pound. The 2-pack cost 39.99 pound.
  • The Smart Plug SP 224 is available for 19.99 dollar. The 2-pack cost 34.99 dollar.
SP 224-2 Smart Plug US 2-pack

About Innr
Innr is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality LED lighting systems in the living and working area. The Dutch company was founded in 2012 and sells its ZigBee based lighting products in the Netherlands, Scandinavia, England, France, Italy and Germany. The company has made a name for itself as a third-party supplier of high- quality smart retrofit LED lamps.
Innr’s LED technology replaces traditional bulbs with wirelessly dimmable smart LEDs that can be operated via smartphone, tablet, remote control or voice control. Innr products can be controlled via various interfaces and are compatible with Philips Hue, excluding the Hue Entertainment functionality and Apple HomeKit.

Innr Lighting BV, Heuvellaan 50, 1217 JN Hilversum, Netherlands. Press contact: Jorg Mühlenberg, Innr PR-Office München.