Starting with a smart Zigbee system

Find out what you need to start with your first smart lighting system

The basics

What you need:

  1. Smart Zigbee lights
  2. A bridge
  3. A router with WiFi Connection
  4. The Innr app or remote

How to connect your Zigbee lights

  1. Start up the Innr app on your phone and make sure you’re connected to your WiFi network
  2. Use the app to find your bridge
  3. Set up your favourite lighting scenes for every occasion.

What is Zigbee?

Innr Lights are Zigbee certified, and we’re proud for it. But what’s Zigbee, and why is Zigbee important?

Zigbee is targeted at radio-frequency (RF) applications which require a low data rate, long battery life, and secure networking. For any system being used in home automation, the main goal is to reduce human effort by operating various appliances remotely.

Why using a bridge to control your smart lights?

The bridge is the heart of your smart lighting system, and all major smart systems use a bridge to let us ‘speak’ to smart products. The Innr bridge lets you connect your smart lights to the Innr system and control them using the free Innr app on your smartphone or tablet. You’ll be able to control up to 100 smart lights! Instead of burdening the WiFi network like WiFi-bulbs, the Zigbee lights create a mesh network, which increases the signal. The more, the merrier!

Zigbee-quality smart lighting without a bridge, is that possible?

If you really don’t want a bridge, but still want to control your lights with the reliable ZigBee protocol, then you can opt for the Innr Remote Control. With this remote you can operate up to 10 lights without the intervention of a Bridge. To install the remote control with your smart lights, follow these steps:

  1. Connect the remote control to a smart light bulb by holding it close to a lamp (distance <5 cm) and then simultaneously press and hold the “Program” and “+” buttons; the green LED will blink slowly.
  2. The lamp will now respond by flashing once or twice. About 10 seconds later, the lamp will again flash once or twice to indicate that it is successfully coupled with the remote control. You can now control the lamp.
  3. Repeat this process with all the lights you want to couple with the remote control. You can couple up to 10 lamps to a single remote control.

Using the RC110 remote control

  • Turn all lights on or off with the large button in the top center on the remote control.
  • You can dim the light with the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons on the remote control.
  • With the slider switch in “scenes” mode, you have 6 different standard dimming settings: 1 = lowest and 6 = highest light level

For the full Installation Manual and User Manual, go to our downloads-page.


  • Better lighting using only 10% of the energy

Because our smart lighting solutions uses efficient LED technology you’ll save up on a ton of energy. Dimming the LED’s increases your savings even more. Not only does this help with the environment, it also helps save you some money and earn back the cost of installment.

  • No expensive LED dimmers required

Yes, all our smart lights can be dimmed. And the best part is: you’ll be able to do this wirelessly. Which means there’s no need for you to install expensive physical (wall)dimmers. Just use the app and you’ll seamlessly dim your lights without flickering or noise.

  • Confuse burglars (and neighbours)

Leaving home for a while? Set up our anti-burglary scenes to sporadically turn Innr lights on and off. This will confuse potential burglars and makes it difficult to tell whether you’re home or not.

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  • Control millions of colours from the palm of your hand

Why stick with just on or off and light or dark? Spice it up a little and get our fun colour LEDs. Add a personal touch to every room and create scenes for every occasion.

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Quick answers

Can I keep using my own lamps?

Yes, you can keep using your own fixtures! We’ll make sure you’ll see them in a whole new light. Innr uses lighting products with a special built-in RF chip so they can communicate with the Innr Bridge. To get the most out of the ‘Smart Lighting’ system, replace your old bulbs with Innr light bulbs, candles and spots. Additionally, The Innr Smart Plug allows you to keep using your current bulbs that don’t have a E14, E27, B22, A19, BR30 or GU10 fitting. However, the Smart Plug won’t be able to dim them, just turn them on and off. Besides that, almost all mains-connected devices can be operated wireless by connecting them with a Smart Plug to your smart system!

I already own (wall)dimmers. Can I use them?

No. In fact, you should not install any Innr light with a dimmer as the lamps can’t deal with the electronic control coming from the dimmer, even if you would put it at full on. Chances are that the Innr light starts flickering, and even if that is not the case, there’s high probability that the wireless control of the Innr system is seriously disturbed by the use of dimmers. The bridge in the Innr system itself is actually ‘one dimmer for your whole house’ with which – in combination with the Innr App – you can control the light intensity of each lights individually or all lights in a room together by means of so called ‘scenes’.

Can I use Innr lighting outside?

As a rule, Innr lights aren’t meant to be used outside. But rules have exceptions, and in this case it’s rain and moisture resistant fittings. The bulbs, candles and GU10’s should be just fine in those, just like regular LED lights. However, the lights might be more difficult to control because of the larger distance between the lamps and the Bridge. Plus, garden light fixtures are often made out of metal, which may distort the signal and make it harder to control the lights. We know you want to use Innr to brighten up every corner of your home—including your garden. So we’re working very hard to release a new line of Innr products in the near future to light up even the non-rainproof parts of your living space!

Do I need to be in the room to control Innr?

No! A big advantage to controlling Innr using your smartphone or tablet over WiFi is that you can use it wherever you want! As long as both your device and your home are connected to the internet, and your Bridge is also being supplied with internet and power, you could light up the room from across the world. With the remote, your range depends on the nearest lamp or Bridge—its parent. As long as its parent is within about eight meters (depending on walls and ceilings), it’ll work! If you want to add new lights using the app, you’ll need to be connected to your home WiFi network.

How many lights can I pair with one Innr Bridge?

You can pair and operate up to 100 lights with the Innr Bridge. An average house would have in between of 30 to 60 lights installed. So with one bridge, you can smarten up your entire home!

What’s the difference between operating via WiFi and operating via Zigbee?

Operating via Zigbee requires a bridge or a hub. WiFi doesn’t need those.

Can I expand my Zigbee system with WiFi bulbs?

Yes and no. The WiFi bulbs use the new Innr for WiFi app and at this point it’s only usable with WiFi bulbs. The Innr Zigbee bulbs can be controlled with our existing Innr app when the lights are linked to the Innr Bridge. In the near future, it will be possible to use Innr WiFi and Zigbee bulbs together in one app.